Why Should I Upgrade My Blinds?

Every new purchase brings the potential for increased value or value-added. Increasing the value of blinds by upgrading your existing blinds has a direct impact on how much they cost. By choosing blinds that don’t need replacement after 5 years, you’ll gain more value than if you purchased new blinds right out of the box.

New blinds can be expensive

No one wants to buy blinds at full price, but buying new blinds is almost always expensive. Just take the blinds we purchased for our home over 2 years ago. They are still hanging on our wall and just last month the price of their replacements was quoted at $1099 each. Our blinds cost us $600 total at the time of purchase. It’s not a huge deal to buy new blinds. However, the new blinds that we chose ourselves had nearly double the value of our old blinds. It was more than the money spent that mattered, though, it was more about enjoying more years of beauty and enjoyment with our blinds.

This is the exact situation that we were in at the time we decided to buy new blinds. We chose some basic, low-cost blinds over spending money on new blinds, with a very wide variety to suit all needs available from The Blinds Source. Yet, after just a few years of viewing, we felt like our existing blinds didn’t look or feel great enough. New blinds in a certain area of our house were a necessity because of how much we enjoyed our current blinds. Sure, we could’ve spent a few hundred dollars and saved ourselves the hassle and expense of new blinds by replacing them. But our budget was different. We could spend a little extra and choose new blinds. We knew the value of those savings. It was a matter of spending a little more time reviewing blinds, reviewing the competition, and ultimately choosing the blinds we really enjoyed. That is why new blinds were important.

Picking Out New Blinds

When we were choosing blinds for our living room we initially decided to purchase some basic shades for $35. It was the only blinds that we really liked in the market at that time. It cost us $180 at the time of purchase. Since then we have been able to upgrade our blinds by upgrading to pricier blinds in the same frame. We have upgraded them to richer materials (some are even custom painted and have interior trim), and we have switched from solid wood to decorative trim. These upgrades have increased the value of our blinds to well over $1000. This means that for less than the cost of one new blind (in paint, trim, and custom woodwork) we are gaining the ability to use more of our living room area. So why should I buy new blinds?

New Blinds Have a Quickly Incremental Impact on the Value of Your Home

First, consider how long you’ll own your home. If you choose to sell at the end of the mortgage, you should purchase blinds that you don’t plan to change (unless you buy one more than 5 years in the future). Second, consider how long your blinds will be in your home. If you buy blinds in a brand new house they have the potential to have a short life span. That means that the time it takes to get new blinds in the house, install them, and enjoy them (within a couple of years) will be less than the value of new blinds. On the other hand, if your current blinds are hanging on your living room wall for over 10 years, you can count on their longevity. New blinds come with a relatively short life cycle. Therefore, you should purchase blinds that will be around for at least that long.

Yes, new blinds offer the potential for quick value. In fact, at the time we purchased our blinds new blinds cost less than a new couch in some cases. Yet, the only long-lasting investment that we have made in our home was an upgrade to our blinds. If we upgrade the wood trim on our house or add extra lighting or another small upgrade to our home, we’ll almost always increase the value of our home at a much faster pace. Even just removing a few bricks or drywall from the living room wall, or building a half wall or replacing a few windows, will add significant value to our home over time.