Warrior Mom Story

Welcome to the home of Warrior Mom! I’m honored that you have taken the time out to stop by and check out what this website has to offer. I hope you will find this beautiful community inspiring and ultimately feel empowered to get involved yourself!

Before we get going, let me properly introduce myself to you and tell you how this website came to be.

My Background

Guiding you through your Warrior Mom journey will be me, Annabel Nash. I am the creator and the driving force behind the whole concept. I live in the delightful city of San Francisco in California. San Francisco is a hugely vibrant and colorful city with so much to do and explore. This is also where I share my home and my heart with my husband and children.

Until I had my children, I suppose you could say that I was merely floating along, not quite knowing what I wanted to accomplish in this life. I had no clear path in front of me. Then, my life changed when my role became a Mom!  As I’m sure many of you will understand, when we create new life the responsibilities are slightly overwhelming. However, the most significant eye-opener is when we realize just how far we can go and what we can do as we look after the lives of others who depend on us. This was precisely what happened to me.

From the very first day that I became a mother, I seemed to find a purpose in life. More so, I developed a sense of determination, a sheer drive that whatever I was going to do with my life, I was going to do it with passion. Looking after a family and catering to their needs is hard work but I was determined if I was going to do it, I was going to give it my all – and have a load of fun as I did so!

Why Warrior Mom Was Created

This determination to take on life with full gusto was instantly picked up by my family members and closest friends who loved seeing the change in me. They noticed a spark ignite within me after my children were born and they all encouraged me to strive to become a better version of myself, not just for them but ultimately for myself.

I soon realized that passion and determination was a quality that many mothers didn’t seem to be brimming with when they had their own children, and I desperately wanted to change this attitude. Though I am a Mom and Wife foremost, I am also a woman who needs to feel like an adult occasionally!

I love making my house a home, I’m addicted to candles, much to my husband’s annoyance, and I am a tea and chocolate addict! However, I am also a fan of grown-up conversation, and I soon began to see a pattern emerging whereby when many women had children, they tended to lose all adult contact and friendships started to flounder as their time was taken up by their family’s needs.

I knew that this didn’t have to be the way and that we could still retain a sense of identity even after having children. So, I began imparting my advice through a small blog which I would work on whenever I had a spare five minutes in my schedule.

What started as a few friends reading and commenting on the odd occasional blog post seemed to spiral, albeit in a short space of time, into thousands of women who got what I was trying to say. They understood the message I was trying to get across, and they were desperate to change their own life’s and implement a bit of their own fighting spirit into it!

Empowering Moms Through Warrior Mom

The name of Warrior Mom, therefore, relates to not only my own approach to life but to all the mom’s out there. Be they this side of the world or the other, younger or older, married or single, with one child or many more, we are all deserving of what we do; bringing human beings into the world and encouraging them to grow with respect and humility to the world around them. In my eyes, every mom is a warrior for we fight a battle every day to ensure our children become the brilliant people we know that they were meant to be.

Let’s stop beating ourselves up and feeling downtrodden. Instead, let’s work on empowering ourselves as Mom’s and ultimately as women. Join me on this exciting stage of our lives as we work to encourage each other and celebrate all our achievements. We are most certainly worth it!