Top 5 Tips for Renovating your Bathroom

You can spend a fortune on renovating your home, but if you skip the bathroom, you’ll never be fully satisfied. However, aside from making it really stunning, every bathroom remodel must include some practical elements as well. Chances are that the bathroom is the smallest space in your home and extra space or better arrangement is always welcome. Here is a list of no-nonsense bathroom remodel tricks that can be applied to almost any scenario.

Use a shower curtain

More practical than a rolling or swivelling glass pane door, a shower curtain that can be pulled back is a much more elegant solution. Showers, tubs or shower-tub combos can fit into smaller spaces, but that doesn’t guarantee that the glass door will fit, too. On the other hand, the shower curtain doesn’t have to be a drab plastic sheet. It can actually be used to bring some colour and style into the bathroom. With plenty of intricate designs and patterns to choose from, an eye catching shower curtain can easily transform your bathroom into a more inviting space with added practicality. Alternatively, if you are remodelling a small bathroom with just enough room to fit a toilet and a 30-inch wide tub, consider a fixed glass panel instead of a shower door.

Consider a corner sink

In some cases, even the space-saving pedestal sink can disrupt traffic in the bathroom. However, if you place a corner sink across from the toilet, you’ll get more space than if you placed it across from the shower, since opening and closing the shower door often creates a blockage and requires manoeuvring to get through. Still, even if you go with a corner type, you can have a unique setup. Carved stone bowl-style, coloured ceramics or even unusual shapes are only some of ideas you can consider, and your sink will definitely become a conversation piece.

Choose a tub that fits

Whoever has remodelled a bathroom has probably dreamed of a lavish spa-like tub. Unfortunately, spatial limitations often make us discard the idea. Recognizing this need, manufacturers have offered a whole palette of bath tubs of all shapes and sizes, designed for maximum comfort in minimal space. For a bathroom that is more on the square side, consider a corner tub that is designed especially for smaller spaces. They provide enough comfort while leaving more space for traffic and around the sink. Another option for a compact bathroom is a freestanding pedestal tub. They take up less visual space and offer more flexibility as you can place them anywhere, depending on your plumbing layout. Asian-style soaking tubs are ideal for homeowners with small baths who like a long, relaxing soak. Modern-day varieties often come in acrylic materials that have excellent heat retention and great slip resistance.

Install bigger mirrors

Your bathroom should be a practical intimate room, where you can take a good look at yourself. That means you need a large functional mirror. However, there is much more to a mirror than checking makeup, inspecting moles and rashes. A bathroom mirror is a design element that can expand the room visually, distribute more natural light and add more glamour to the room. If you have to cope with a tight space or a so-called corridor-style bathroom, having a mirror stretch across the wall instead just at the vanity, makes it possible for two people to use it at once. In such a narrow bathroom layout, it definitely helps.

Layer some wood

With its rich organic feel, natural wood has always been a welcome addition in bathrooms. Whatever the scope of your bathroom remodel, consider adding a wood element, by simply going with wooden flooring or an open shelf vanity unit. On the other hand, a wooden beadboard would be as useful as it is beautiful. Apart from the desired antique look and the easy installation, the beadboard protects the lower portion of the wall from unavoidable splashes of water. While some homeowners don’t like idea of having a wood element in the bathroom, rest assured that a good coat of oil-based paint will make your wooden surfaces virtually impervious to moisture.

Renovating the whole floor is fun, but when it comes to the bathroom, get ready for a roller-coaster. With limited space and the list of elements you have at your disposal, renovating a bathroom always follows the ‘less is more’ principle, where you, like a classic sculptor, remove layer by layer of clutter and expose the ultimate functionality and beauty.