Taking Some Time Out and Not Feeling Guilty about It

Being a mother teaches you so much about yourself that you might not have known about, such as how you’ve harbored maternal instincts you didn’t even know you had. One of those maternal instincts is that of constantly keeping an eye on the kids to make sure they’re not trying to kill themselves as one of many of what appears to be natural instincts of their own. So yielding to the suggestion to get away from your mommy duties for a little bit might have you feeling like there’s something missing, to the extent that a bit of guilt might be creeping in.

It’s especially true in the case of having a toddler how you find yourself constantly worried about whether or not they’re wondering just where on earth their mommy is and why she isn’t around to provide all that she usually does to help them make sense of this new world they recently came into.

Whenever that happens there are some guilt-busters you can apply to help you cope with the unwarranted guilt you cannot help but inevitably experience.

Picture them in a safe place

There’s perhaps a 100% chance the person who volunteered to take care of your child while you’re enjoying some much-needed you-time is someone you’d trust with your own life and someone who has probably raised kids themselves. If it’s your own mother then seriously, why are you even worried or feeling guilty? Picture your child in a safe and happy place and you should be able to ease the guilt and enjoy yourself properly.

Think of a happy memory you experienced of them

This isn’t just any happy memory which you should cast your mind back to, as I’m pretty sure there are so many of those that you wouldn’t even know which one to draw on specifically. It should be a specific memory of a moment in time when your child showed you that they’re okay doing whatever it is they’re doing, like how they might have wanted to continue playing with their cousin or favorite toy instead of having you feed them, or anything along those lines.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder, so think of this time apart as a much-needed strengthener of the special bond you share with your child.

Think of the time apart as part of their learning experience

There is going to come a time in both your lives when you will need to let go of your child and afford them a bit more independence, so think of this as part of that learning experience for the both of you.

Simply enjoy yourself

Chances are you’d have to wait until tomorrow in any case to make emergency travel plans to go and see your child, so since there is no emergency just think of the time you have to kill as mandatory alone-time you should indeed be using to enjoy yourself. Enjoy yourself by engaging in something full-time parents don’t ordinarily get time to do.