Starting a Mommy Group Savings Club

As much as the modern day woman who is balancing a career and being a mother generally wishes to move away from the traditionally defined roles women had to play, sometimes it really helps to hold on to traditional values and belief systems. That’s exactly what it’s all about though – maintaining those traditional values which are constructive and doing away with those which are restrictive and outright backwards.

That’s certainly the case as far as it goes with handling the monetary affairs of the household in that in the old days when the man was the one who went out to work and the woman stayed at home and looked after the home and the children, the man would hand over his salary to the woman who then disburses the funds accordingly to cover the domestic needs. In a way this still sort of happens, but what I’d like to bring your attention to is how you can use elements of this long-standing tradition to make your life a little easier financially. You can start a mommy group-savings club, which if done right can make for a very powerful means through which a group of local moms can make a bigger impact on their local economy, shaping the destiny of their community in the process.

Presenting the idea

Trust me, things aren’t like in the olden days when you could place a notice on the community pin board and then have all the support you need for whatever you seek to contribute to the community. Nowadays there is so much distrust, understandably so to a certain extent, so don’t expect to start your mommy group savings club and then have thousands of members overnight.

You need to build up trust and I know this is some trust you had no part in breaking, but that’s just how it is in this day and age.

As part of your quest to build up trust, you’ll have to demonstrate the power of a functional mommy group-savings club by documenting a theoretical model of how it would operate. After all, that’s the only option you have at this stage.

A blog is a great way to start, perhaps complemented by a weekly newsletter which you could negotiate the inclusion of in the community newspaper. Heck, get the community newspaper to sponsor a section – community newspapers go gaga over these sorts of things.

If your community is more digitally-oriented, then all the better – that’s the channel you should use.

Selling pointers

At the end of the day the aim of an effective mommy group-savings club is to pool some money together and go direct with their purchases of their domestic goods, as a starting point of course. The basic logic is that you can save so much more money as a collective unit by ordering and buying in bulk and I’m sure there are plenty of mommies in your neighborhood who stock up on the exact same supplies as you, matching some of them brand-for-brand.

It would be nothing more than a joint-buying effort which puts the pricing power in your hands.