Parenting is a Lifelong Education

When you bring a life into this world and you look down at this fragile being who for the next few years of their life is going to be totally dependent on you, you never really realize in the moment that caring for them is in actual fact going to be quite the education for you. Being a parent has so many things to teach us and you’ll be embarking on what is nothing less than a lifelong education.

It’s okay to be a YouTube mommy

Admittedly the term “YouTube mom” is perhaps meant to be one which is brandied about as more of a mock, but those of us who will admit to being so-called YouTube moms in some respects wear that tag with pride. We think of it as more of a globalized approach to parenting through which we make full use of the internet and milking it for every bit of value the information superhighway was meant to offer.

In case you’re still a bit lost, a so-called You-Tube mommy is a mother who Googles some solutions to common problems they face as a parent, ideally looking towards how-to videos shared on YouTube to get what is perhaps the best demonstration of how to solve that problem. I mean none of us Google anything like “how to do a kidney transplant” or anything of that sort, so there is no shame at all in being a so-called YouTube mommy.

Who is going to fault you for getting your blueberry waffle recipe off of some YouTube video if that’s what your child asks of you after having tasted some delicious blueberry waffles, for example? What’s the matter with checking out a video about how to make a baby bottle variation in the case that your baby may not be too fond of the “traditional” baby bottle?

What I would suggest you do as part of your exploits of being a so-called YouTube mommy is contribute as well to what is essentially just a growing library of practical demonstrations of how mommies all over the world can overcome the common challenges that come with being a mom. If you’ve found way to solve a problem or if you’ve found a solution cheaper somewhere, share it as well and join the YouTube mommy’s club.

Trust your motherly instinct

Okay, so naturally there will be instances along your journey of motherhood when you’ll be totally stuck and at a total loss of ideas to overcome a parenting challenge you’re facing. This is when you should not be afraid to ask for help, a piece of advice which applies in all situations in actual fact. Otherwise many of the parenting skills will come to you so naturally that you might even scare yourself as to where on earth they came from.

Trust your motherly instinct and let it guide you as far as it can. For every other situation, there are elements of your support structure to call upon for some assistance and advice, including your family members, your family GP, YouTube, mommy blogs, etc.

Enjoy the learning process…