Mommy Bloggers Club – A Modern Twist to the Book Club

Believe it or not, but even in this digital age we’re living in, book clubs still exist, particularly mommy book clubs and rightfully so too because they can only be a good thing. Bear in mind that the typical mother in their prime today is likely a Millennial, so they’re every bit as digitally-driven as the most digitally driven person is today.

Traditional mommy book clubs definitely still exist, as in those where moms gather around over a pot of tea and some baked goodies to discuss the books they’ve read, amongst other things. There tends to be a modern twist to it however since technology just doesn’t seem to be able to stay away from anything and everything. This is perhaps also only a good thing however as it only serves to enhance the experience.

Mommies who belong to a book club these days double up as bloggers. In fact, I would go as far as saying that the typical book club has undergone a transformation into operating as more of a mommy bloggers club, one of which clubs to which I’m a founding member myself.

A mommy blogger club makes for somewhat of a paradigm shift to the traditional book club model in that instead of exclusively making for a money-spending exercise, there is now an opportunity to generate money. Yes, in our case we still meet at least once in two weeks with the local moms around here (ideally once a week where possible), but now instead of each of us having bought a book to discuss we are in actual fact sponsored with reads from a local book store.

So next time you read a book review on this and other blogs which are associated with our network, you’ll know that the views come from the heart and are as honest as you’ll get anywhere. I mean sure, we do these things out of passion and passion makes for some great motivation to accomplish anything really, but when we’re sponsored by various contributors then it gives us that added incentive, doesn’t it?

Sponsors of all sorts are queuing up to tap into this growing niche of mommy bloggers and, while I’m not going to claim that starting and operating your own mommy blogger club is going to make you rich, what I will tell you is that it can be a channel through which some money flows into the collective as opposed to it flowing out. The tea and biscuits served at the typical mommy bloggers club meeting no longer have to be arranged and paid for by the host whose turn it is to receive us. Instead, we now enjoy free finger snacks, refreshments and sometimes even full meals, typically in a high-tea setting so we can get on with the business of the day (pronounced “fun”) and not have to worry about the economics of the regular gatherings.

So again, if one or two brands are slipped in to the blog posts, remember that it’s all part of what funds the platform – a platform we only wish to make valuable to all readers nevertheless.