How Big Is a Normal Baby Muslin Blanket

Using a muslin blanket to swaddle your newborn is one of the best ways to make your baby sleep. Many mothers invest in baby blankets early on. Apart from knowing how to swaddle baby properly, you also need to make sure that your blanket is the right size.

How do you choose the right baby blanket size?  Should they be twice the size of the baby? How do you make sure that the blankets are not too small for your baby?

Before you buy your own baby blanket or gift it to a new mother, know the size. It can be confusing for those who haven’t bought one before. This is why we’ll help give you the answers below.

The Ideal Size of Baby Blankets

Whether you are using the blanket for your own baby or giving it as a gift, you have to know sizes. There are a variety of sizes that different baby blankets should be in. Getting the sizes right increases the usability of the blankets.

  • A swaddle blanket is approximately 40×40 to 48×48
  • Crib blankets are about 40 inches by 60 inches
  • Receiving blankets are at 18-inch square to a 36-inch square
  • Multi-use blankets are about 30 to 40 inches

Making Sure That Your Baby Is Comfortable

Swaddling your baby should be something that helps your newborn fall asleep. Your baby blanket should be able to wrap up and snuggle your baby throughout their sleep cycle. Even experts agree that special blankets should be in use for swaddling.

For babies, blankets are a source of warmth. Babies’ arm has reflexes and moves to the sides when they are asleep. Using a thin and lightweight material gives the babies a sense of security. The blankets should not be too tight and not be too hot for sleeping.

You have to make sure that the baby blanket you use is large enough. The materials should work with how you swaddle your baby. If your baby is quite thin, a bigger swaddle blanket will work fine.

Why a Baby Blanket Is Like a Second Womb

When the baby blanket is comfortable, it gives the baby a sense of security, much like in the womb. With better sleep, your baby can grow well. Not only that but you can rest as well. When you have swaddled your baby in the right size blanket, you can go and rest yourself. A good swaddle lets the baby sleep uninterrupted.

Having larger blankets also saves time. This means you won’t have to look for another blanket when your baby blanket is too small. Try measuring the baby blanket in the ratio of your baby. It shouldn’t be too small that the baby can’t fit. And it shouldn’t be too big that you’ll have trouble bringing it in your bag or storing it.