Effective Ways to Keep the Kids Out of Trouble

As a parent, one of your many duties is to teach your kids right from wrong, but nobody’s perfect and there are times when even your vast wealth of life experience won’t do to help them stay out of trouble. Naturally trouble follows some children more so than others, so you might have your work cut out for you in keeping your little rascals out of trouble.

You can only do your best as a parent though, as I’m sure you’re doing instinctively. Here are some proven ways to help them stay out of trouble, which can only be deployed as far as within reason of course since we all have a variety of different challenges and obstacles to overcome. Your discretion is always necessary.

Incentivize them to do well at school

Whether we agree with the design of the construct or not, the reality is that school takes up pretty much the bulk of your children’s lives. If they’re going to be spending most of their time dedicating their lives to the academic institution, you might as well make the most of that to help them stay out of trouble. Incentivize them to do well since focusing on academics would naturally mean they’re spending their time on something constructive and staying away from trouble.

Encourage them to participate in extramural activities

Not everybody is gifted academically, so incentives that are geared towards the kids’ academics should be tailored to their unique situation. For example, you could reward them with extra pocket money if they score a B on a test having consistently scored a C or C+. Additionally, extramural activities often form part of the academic institutions, so encourage them to take part and support them as well.

Minimize idle time

It all naturally depends on what stage along their development they’re in, but it’s almost universally true of all children that they need to be kept busy, otherwise they’ll concoct creative ways to find some trouble to get into. Besides, children have a lot of energy to burn, so you never need to worry about burning them out in your attempts to minimize their idle time. Encourage hobbies, social interactions which help them to grow and develop and anything else which is constructive to spend their time doing.

Keep tabs on their screen time

The media makes for a serious source for all the ideas children get in their heads which ultimately land them in a bit of trouble. Just make sure they’re not exposed to anything overly suggestive – I mean there is a psychological reason behind age restriction ratings slapped onto all media. You won’t be completing a perfect mission here, but should they get exposed to anything they’re not supposed to, it is your duty as a parent to provide the necessary education and guidance.

Take a deeper interest in their lives

It’s as simple as this – if you engage and talk regularly with your kids, you will begin to know them so well that you’ll be able to tell immediately when something isn’t quite right. This is how a lot of trouble is prevented before it even happens.