Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself, Mom

Make no mistake about it, being a parent is hard work, especially for the moms out there since you’re really the source of life for your child. Dads definitely play an important role, but the mother’s role is the single most important role in a child’s life. Since being a mom is indeed a full-time job involving so many aspects which you’ll have to learn as you go, it can get very easy to be hard on yourself and start to feel like you’re a failure. Don’t do it mom!

If I didn’t have any children of my own then I’d perhaps be in no position to speak about this topic, but even those people who aren’t parents can give you all the encouragement you need to give yourself a pat on the back sometimes and look beyond the self-doubt that has tendency of creeping in. That said however, the practical experience you have as a mother will have you citing how it isn’t that simple to just ignore the self-doubt that creeps in and keep going. If it was as easy as dismissing it and moving right along then it wouldn’t have developed in the first place.

So when you do start to doubt yourself as a mother, look towards the simple rewards of motherhood for all the positive reassurance you’ll need.

Ask your child for a hug and/or a kiss

Is there anything sweeter than your toddler’s affection as a reaffirmation of the fact that you’re doing a great job as a mother? Next to a happy child playing and laughing outside, a hug or a kiss given to you by your little one is enough to help you keep going and dismiss any self-doubt that might be creeping in, especially if it’s a hug and/or a kiss given to you at your request. Enjoy some extra joy out of it if they playfully say “no” before obliging – it’s the sweetest thing ever, as you know.

Play a game with them

If you’re a mother to a rapidly developing child in particular, there are perhaps countless times when you were too tired to play some or other game with your child, as per their request. It may seem a bit selfish, but when you’re feeling like a failure as mother, this is the best time to take them up on that offer to make you feel better.

Make some memories

You’re probably making memories all the time with your growing kids, but what I mean here specifically is that you should make physical memories, like creating one of those clay imprints together or perhaps creating some art together. Photos and videos count as well, definitely.

Get some help and/or advice

Family is there for many reasons, one of which reasons is to help you out as a mother. If your own mother may not be with us in this world anymore, there are perhaps plenty of other mother-figures you can ask for some help or advice at the very least.