DIY Tips: How To Clean and Maintain Your Home Toaster

Toast is the go-to snack for many people. It is a quick fix for those hunger pangs that cannot wait for a real meal. However, there is one major drawback that comes with this toast appetite; using it throughout the week, a couple of times each day leaves you with a big cleaning task. You do not want to see crumbs and grime all over your toaster. Besides, it can turn into a breeding place for germs and bacteria which can cause food poisoning.

Here is a detailed guide on how to get your toaster from grime to glam.

Cleaning Supplies needed

  • Scouring pad
  • Toothbrush and paint brush
  • Dish soap
  • White vinegar
  • Clean microfiber cloths.
  1. Switch off power and unplug it 

Your safety should always be a top priority especially when cleaning electronics. The first safety measure is to avoid any chances of electrocution. If you still have your toaster connected to power, switch it off and unplug it. Wait until it is entirely cool before you start the cleaning process.

  1. Removing crumbs

If you cannot remember the last time you removed crumbs from your toaster, you will notice crumbs all over the place. Modern toasters are thoughtful as they have a removable crumbs’ tray at the lower bottom. You only have to slide out the tray and empty the crumbs into the dustbin. Do not slide back the tray into the toaster; there are crumbs lodged on the inside that you have to get rid of.

With the tray hole open, mildly shake the toaster over the dustbin to dislodge any stuck crumbs. If this does not remove all the crumbs, use the paintbrush or the toothbrush depending on what works for your toaster.

  1. Scrub it 

Once the crumbs get out of your way, it is time to scrub your toaster. If it’s been a while before you cleaned your toaster, you will need to grease your elbows. Start with the exteriors by targeting stains and greasy spots. As much as you should give them a hard scrub, be careful not to scratch the surface. You do not want to spoil your toaster’s glossy looks. The crumbs tray should not be left out. Use a toothbrush or sponge soaked in warm soapy water for the best results. When the job is done to your satisfaction, thoroughly rinse the toaster and dry it with a clean towel. Slip in the tray once the appliance is dry.

For a toaster with stubborn grease stains, you will need more than mere scrubbing. Get a scouring pad and dish washing soap then scrub off the stubborn grime. Be a little more vigorous, but careful not to scrub off your toaster’s beautiful exterior. If you do this right, you will deal with the greasy mess in a matter of minutes.

  1. Rinse and dry 

Do you love that shiny tone on your appliances? You can give your toaster that glossy look once it is clean. Using a clean and dry microfiber cloth, and a few drops of white vinegar, wipe your toaster until you can almost see your reflection through it. Give it time to dry and place everything back in its place.

  1. Bonus step 

Congratulations for a well-done job! In fact, you should be doing this quite often. It is time to treat yourself to a toast from your sparkling clean toaster.

How to maintain and keep your toaster clean 

With our day-to-day busy schedules, it is impossible to give your toaster a thorough clean up each day. However, this doesn’t give one the excuse to use a dirty appliance. To maintain cleanliness, do these:

  • Remove the crumbs at least once each week: if you hardly have the time to empty the crumbs every day, strive to do it weekly.
  • Once each month, give your toaster a thorough cleaning job: you should not use your toaster for more than a month without properly cleaning it. This helps you remove stuck crumbs and grime and keep it performing at the highest level.
  • Wipe the toaster’s exterior after each use: as you clean the utensils you use for meals, wipe the toaster. You can use a rag dampened with white vinegar or just water and a clean cloth. This helps to keep away excess dirt and dust.
  • Once your toaster is completely dry, turn the dials to the darkest setting and run a cleaning cycle without putting anything in the toaster. This cleaning cycle with the highest setting helps to eliminate germs or bacteria that may still be in your toaster after the clean-up exercise.

Quick Tips for Maintaining your Toaster 

  • Take a look at your toasters manual to ascertain whether the manufacturer recommends any other ways of cleaning it.
  • Ensure you remove all bread from the toaster. Leaving some bread in the toaster will lead to burning.
  • Do not overheat the toaster lest your bread starts to stick
  • Clean it up immediately after use. Do not procrastinate as the dirt and grease will accumulate and give you a hard time cleaning. Make sure the toaster is cool before you start.
  • When bread sticks in the toaster, immediately switch it off and unplug. Then remove the bread.
  • Create a habit of emptying the crumbs daily.
  • Replace the oven when necessary. If your toasters oven is faulty, it is recommended that you replace it immediately. Here is where you can find some affordable tabletop ovens for replacement.


If you love toasted bread, then you want to do it in a clean toaster. Furthermore, maintaining your toaster clean always will not only increase its longevity, but also keep it toasting safely and evenly for you. It’s important to keep this appliance free of food particles and grease as such elements are fire hazards in your house; either from a short in electricity supply or smoldering.  Additionally, regular cleanings of your toaster can also help in pest control in your home.