Taking it One Day at a Time

Largely due to the many outside influences we tend to come into contact with, what is typically associated with being a good parent can have you feeling like you’re just not cutting it at this parenting thing. Being a mother is many things, but one of those things which you need to make sure to get right is that of learning how to take it one day at a time. Don’t try to do the work of a mother to be completed over 21 years in your first few years as a mother. Not only will this wear you out, but it’ll probably also open you up to a whole sea of self-doubt and even something like depression.

Embrace your own, natural parenting style

I’m not suggesting you justify any bad parenting habits as forming part of your own natural parenting style here, but rather just making you aware of the fact that the uniqueness we all possess as human beings should be allowed to form part of our parenting efforts. Just because your neighbor does something to do with raising their children differently to you, that doesn’t make them a better or worse parent.

Things are done in their own ways in different households, including yours.

Remember, the grass ALWAYS looks greener on the other side

I guess this goes back to that analogy of trying to fit in 21 years of parenting within a very short space of time – concern yourself with the parenting business of the day and don’t try to get too much of what might be required in the future done right away. I mean for sure, there’s nothing wrong with planning finically for your child’s education so that you could perhaps put some money away for a selection of schools you might like to send them to, but there are parents who go as far as trying to reserve spots years in advance.

That’s bordering a bit on the crazy and you should never try to keep up with other parents who appear to be this far ahead of the game with their children. I bet if you asked that one mom you think has it all together what they think about you and your parenting they’d probably say the same about you. They’d probably tell a story of how you appear to have it all together as a super mom!

Your child chooses YOU, always

Moms all over the world will perhaps not want to readily admit this, but there are few joys that are greater as a parent than that of your child wanting nobody but you. Yes, they might have a nice time over at their grandma’s place, but when that natural instinct kicks-in your child will always choose you. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of your child wanting to be safe in the knowledge that mom’s around and this fact that your child will always but always choose you first is a great indication that you’re doing a great job as the warrior mom you are.