Children & the Renewed Sense of Purpose They Come With

Even if one doesn’t necessarily believe in the presence of a higher power, when you bring a child into this world you cannot help but believe that you have received the ultimate gift from another world – a gift from God! Sure, many of us ladies grow up with some maternal instincts that just seem to be inherent in us, but you never really know love until you bring a child into this world, I don’t think.

All of a sudden the world becomes this dangerous place with hazards waiting to harm this helpless being around every corner, but at the same time you discover that you have a whole lot more power inside of you than you could have ever imagined. It is an unspoken vow you take to protect and love this little part of you for the rest of your life and to make what can be a very horrible world as comfortable and happy as it can be for your child, for as long as you live.

Children give you a renewed sense of hope, even if you may have naturally been brimming with life and hope long before you found out you were pregnant. Life becomes that much more precious, with so many beautiful moments waiting to unfold, but there will naturally be a lot of challenges awaiting you as well.

It’s not something that’s very pleasant to think about, but it’s a reality nevertheless, that being how some mothers-to-be find themselves in some of those situations when life seems to show its ugliest side and so they come to the decision that they can’t raise the child they’re carrying inside of them. Come delivery day however and when they hold this little life they’ve created in their arms things change in an instant and the young mother decides they’ll do whatever it takes to raise their child.

That is the power of the bond which exists between a mother and their child – a bond which has proven to stand the test of time through the generations.

So if there are any new mothers out there reading this, especially first-time moms, all I want to say to you is that you should hold on tight to that renewed sense of purpose your child brought with them upon their arrival. It’s just one of the many gifts that come with motherhood.

In any case, it’s a full-time job raising kids and you’ll very quickly come to realize this when you might have to go to work the next day but nobody in the household can get any sleep because baby is crying for some or other reason you can’t figure out. After all, it’s not like this little life can tell you exactly what their problem is.

Brace yourself – the constant crying in the beginning is just a small price you’ll have to pay for the years of joy to come, as experienced through the sweet laughter of a child. Children bring happiness form a place you might have not even known existed!