Become a Sponsor

When Warrior Mom’s visitor figures began approaching the early thousands, I discovered the fantastic concept of website sponsorship. For anybody who has yet to learn about this original idea, I have written this small but comprehensive guide as to what it is all about and how you too can get involved with the creation of the Warrior Mom website by becoming a sponsor.

Understanding the Power of Sponsorship

Sponsorship is the act of placing an advert on this website through a banner, like the many that you automatically see every time you click on this webpage. Or, it can also mean adding your name to an article as a link. Sponsorship can work for both businesses and daily visitors to the site with something to promote.

Why Become a Sponsor of Warrior Mom?

Do you have a relevant product or service that you would like others to know about? Perhaps I should rephrase my question to ask, would you like to access 12,400 visitors plus per month? Because you see, that is exactly what becoming a sponsor of Warrior Mom could do for you – get you in front of over 12,400 visitors every month!

Do you have a product which matches the ethos of this website or is there a service which you know would benefit all the visitors who access this site regularly? If so, why not take out a sponsorship package which would enable you to get your product or services seen by thousands of potentially paying customers?

Alternatively, do you have something to highlight or do you wish to draw my visitors attention towards something? If so, why not consider the concept of sponsorship and get some links added into a relevant article which will encourage people to click through to your desired website or recommended subject.

Sponsoring Warrior Mom Enables Growth

Ultimately, I made the decision to open the sponsorship element of this website when I saw it as improving the content I could deliver to every one of the thousands of Warrior Mom visitors who decided to utilize this site as a means of accessing quality and much-needed information.

By charging a minimal fee for sponsorship requests, not only does the sponsor benefit from a variety of interests but so do all Warrior Mom visitors. I use the money made from these packages and invest it all back into the website to create the fantastic and informative site that you see before you.

If this sounds like an exciting path, get in touch with me, and I will share further details with you as to how you can become a more prominent part of Warrior Mom.